Ok I did the stupid duergar fight at lvl 1 solo - what a boring chore.

Duergar party
Gekh Coal (Lvl 5) - 55 HP, casts mirror image, uses invisibility. Big 'ol Battleaxe which can one-shot
Lurgan (Lvl 4) - Cleric, 34HP. uses invisibility. 2 casts of Aid, 3 of guiding bolt, any one of which can one-shot
Novice Garmor (Lvl 4) - 19 Str, 43HP beast, will one-shot
Holvik (Lvl 4) - Crossbow asshole, 32HP, uses invisibility
5x Reanimated Corpses (Lvl 4), 22HP each

Total of 274HP to my 11 (+5 from armor of agathys)

Max damage for single one off round with mainhand dragon's grasp and offhand handax + 1 seems to be something like 2d6 + 3 + 4 + 1d4 fire + 1d4 poison (or is it 2d4 poison?, idk how this game works) (also since I forgot to bring a potion of strength,whoops) - with maybe an extra 1d6 + 3 + 1d4 fire + 1d4 poison if I have a potion of speed up, but the timings are difficult to get right.

Arbitrary rules: let Gekh Coal reanimate the corpses (i.e. don't open with punting him off the ledge), don't destroy any ladders until fight starts, no stealth-ing about once the fight starts, no wyvern poison, no ogres or spectators, no barrels or other HE, no mid-fight saving, anything else goes.

Armor of agathys up, drink potion of fire resistance, coat weapons with poison, eat an apple for 1 round bless. Attack Holvik and one-shot him. Cast web from scroll in front of lurgan, arrow of roaring thunder Ghek into the abyss, punt lurgan down into the pit, destroy the only rigging ladder up from the bottom. cast blur from scroll and hope lurgans 3 guiding bolts miss you while you spend forever shooting them with your light crossbow + 1. job done. Sounds easy right

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