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Tyranny at best is Neutral. If you take evil decisions (and there are a couple) you basically lose out chunk of story and get bad ending (like you have to basically skip the entire DLC if you are lawful evil?). The worse case of this is with a vendor in prologue. If you follow lawful evil you miss out entire tree of skills. You can be devious here and there but Crusader King beats it by a long mile for sure lmao.
Ah yes, I forgot that being in the Oldwalls was illegal. You are there for half of the game lol. The Bastard's Wound sucked, but I would still argue that basegame Tyranny has the best CRPG writing in terms of player agency.

I also really did not like how the dread system linked to companion endings. Dread is AMAZING as an alternative to get people's loyalty without kissing people's arse, yet the game sicks out bunch of companions go dead or crazy endings if i go for the dread route, making the system entirely pointless.