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another fun and meaningful statistic!

I genuinely can't tell if they are playing it up for the press or trolling us at this point.
"Most people tried to do a romance". Yeah, no shit. We are playtesting the game and we are going to check where some of these paths lead.
It doesn't necessarily mean we have to be particularly interested (or satisfied) with where that part of the game led us.

You just have to admit that you are 1%. Chosen One! May be, in real life, you have too much sex and romantic adventures so you don't need all those sexy drow and elf girls in video games. Don't be shy about talking about your success.
Personally, I'm just happy for you!

But remember that we are ordinary people, do not deprive us of the joy of building relationships with our fictional elves.

Minthara is the best character and she NEEDS to be recruitable if you side with the grove!