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I prefer origin companions instead of custom created by myself.

What's the appeal, if you don't mind my asking? I can see wanting to play a developed character like Geralt in the Witcher series, but even then the story focuses on the POV of one character whereas the Origin system has many.

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I would probably try out a couple if I was bored, but I prefer coming up with my own character and having the companions with their own stories.

I used the mod to check out a bit of Astarion's origin because I wanted more insight into the character. But I got bored quickly not playing my custom character and abandoned the playthrough.

Same here. I wanted to find out what in SH's box but quickly got bored. What annoyed me were the things Shadowheart was saying to herself when she hit a ground trigger. It was playing someone else's character and just wasn't invested in her -- wait, I didn't want her to say that . . . I became a viewer instead of a participant.

Yeah, maybe it's just because it isn't fully implemented yet but I feel like it's stuck somewhere between removing player agency yet giving too much freedom over an "established" character. Idk, I feel like I'd rather get to know the origins as companions than as PCs.