Vincent you realy dont get my point.
Real life morals influence game design, btu were talking about in universe morals. In universe, everyone was bisexual form the start, thats how Greenwood envisioned it. back then, people were afraid to show that (ToEE did it first i think).

Likewise, now the game would be afraid not to show ethnic minorities, for example. but thats the falvor of its time and not neccesarily reflecting the actual world.

Point is, killing Goblin children is probably fine and dandy in FR. They are followes of evil deities, they are evil creatures and they are pests. Kid goblins turn into adult goblins and thats why people kill them.
You CAN play almost anything in DnD, doesnt mean that they arent evil or arent hated by civilized people.

The point i was making about morality is that while FR might appear on the outisde to be a modern western liberal set of morals, thsi is simply not true. Just because theres same sex marriage doesnt mean that Palladins stringing up bandits and goblins on trees isnt also a thing that happens.