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Would having more robust background/role play options for a custom PC hold a similar appeal? Or is it that they have specific stories/identity to explore? the DOS2/BG3 Origins system is fairly unique, as far as I've seen. Normally we get an established character (Geralt, FF protags, etc.) that is the center of the story. Their identity is important since the story is specifically tailored to their POV. Then there's games like Mass Effect where you have a set character (Shepard) who has a similar narrative drive but the player shapes the identity. In games like the original BG and DA:O, the PC is less defined, relying more on player role play. The divide between these latter two seems more contentious, since they both attract people who wish to RP but to different degrees--some people find the voiced Shepard to be more relatable/immersive while the DA:O type protag allows for more player freedom. Origins seem to occupy a grey area, where, since there are several, the story can't be tailored to them in the way it could be for Shepard and Geralt, but they are voiced and, I imagine, would be less immersion breaking for some?

I don't inherently dislike the idea but I wonder if a similar appeal would be achieved if they expanded the options for PC/made a PC preset.

If a game looks interesting where you play a specific person then I will buy it. This is rare for me. I have played the DA series and ME 1-3, with these I knew I was being handed a character, but one that could develop within a framework. This was better but still not as good as the DnD system where you fully make your character, partly why I was so excited about this game. I wouldn't mind if they added custom presets but only if they leave the current system as well.

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If anything custom characters are flat because there is no story at all for that character beyond a generic game story, so you are missing out on a quarter of the game by not having one of your four characters have a built in back story with possible rewards or lore tied into the game.

I did not play a lot of D&D growing up, but I distinctly remember there used to be pre-built character cards and minor stories that can be made by the DM handed out to players. If anything, the pinnacle of roleplaying is playing someone you didn't make up and having to adapt to a role provided instead of just making someone similar to your own mind set, but with elf ears, or mimicking a cool story I read in a book somewhere, or even better, making a generically evil character who "mwa ha ha's" and does all the evil things with no plot because it is fun.

Maybe it is because I know a decent amount about the FR but I find it easy to tie my created backstory into the game setting. Custom templates for people new to this or who can't come up with anything on their own would probably help but there needs to still be the current free option as well.

When I make up characters I usually find they are different to me and they develop as the plot makes them even though it is usually not "optimised". I could play a premade but would find it really boring to do so, especially if I can't get in their heads so to speak. I would need to completely understand the character, otherwise the rp from me would most likely not be what the DM intended.