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Reminds me of literally every other game ever made where the antagonist is going to destroy the world and you can still rest 20x in row at the Inn - i have never seen that as an issue though

That's a bit different, isn't it?
We aren't talking about "You better hurry or the bad guy will win in the end".
We are talking about a specific claim ("If I stay dead two days the entire region goes nuclear") and then literally nothing happens if you put the claim to the test.

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started to wonder...your welcome btw

also do you really think the company would in anyway skip or just happen to have a brain fart to one of the companions storylines? like really...really really

Look, maybe you missed it but in case it wasn't clear I was actually mocking you, because "it's early access" is not a legitimate explanation, it's a stupid, pointless excuse.

LOL, I'm going to bed Tuco, have a nice night/day/whatever