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So they are going for the Bethesda solution, let the modders fix it, wonderful, just wonderful. Sigh, I hope this does not turn into Larian's Fallout 76 where they go from a must buy to never bother with.

No. This is not the same. They are going to make a polished, working, fun game for a very large audience of people. Most people will not need or want to mod the game. But then the modders will make alternatives to make the game suit various NICHE audiences. Bethesda releases shittily-made games that actually need FIXING, not just customizing for select player preferences. Larian is gonna release a perfectly solid title, but it just might have some design elements that various minority groups dislike, and those people can mod the game to fit their perfect vision.

As for people "crying out" for more surfaces, that's absolute nonsense. I spend several hours a day on this forum and the BG3 subreddit, and I've never seen ANYONE "cry out" for MORE surfaces. What a load of tripe.

As for Larian communicating with us about what feedback they're considering, I think it's a double-edged sword. There's a reason they're hesitant to do that. You'll notice that they basically said, "give us your feedback and we'll use it to make the game better" and NOT "give us your feedback, we'll talk to you about your feedback, and then we'll make the game better". The reason that developers, especially big ones with lots of money and reputation riding on the line, keep things vague and unspecific, or just don't say anything. That reason is that gamers are fucking insane.

If they say, "we notice people asking for a larger party" or "we notice that people are asking for a classic CRPG control scheme" or "we notice that people are asking for Disengage and Hide to be regular actions", 9999 people will take these statements as Promises From On High that those issues are going to be addressed, in exactly the way that they hope. If Larian says those things, and then chooses NOT to alter their game to suit those particular feedbacks, then 9999 people will come out of the woodwork screaming, "They LIED to us! They said they were gonna fix these issues! Larian are liars, liars, liars! How dare they!" If you've been paying any attention to Greater Internet Discourse in the online gaming community over the last decade or so, you know that I'm right.

It just makes the most sense for them to stay quiet about specific issues until they feel like they are likely to give people what they want on those issues, to avoid crazy people misconstruing their words and starting an internet shitfire.

Absolutely right and can not be stressed enough, the expectations some people in the forum have are riducolus.

I simply don’t get people why some gamers don’t feel like customers. When you buy a product/service with your own money, you are not supposed to feel like a random Joe walking in the Louvre and admiring Da Vinci’s Gioconda.
I won’t stop you feeling this way be please don’t teach us how to behave like clients.

Larian is not making a F2P game, guys. Inside game data does not show client satisfaction level. Inside data only show how clients behave given certain pressure/temperature conditions. Of course you can claim that they have this unknown data regarding how the players feel concerning certain features in the game, yet you fail to show:

1-how it was taken
2-the results

Just to be more accurate: a subreddit meme with a map 100% covered in necrofire clearly isn’t the best way to get data.