OK I officially hate you. I have 387 hours in this game. Every Class/Subclass. Thought I was cool with 4 solo run-throughs. If you have seen any of my posts, you know I have no problem if others Cheese Wiz, Barrelmancy, etc. Just not my thing. Now you come along. I usually do Minthara at level 3 and Duegar at 4. Yer doing them w/ a level 1??? GTFO. I am not worthy. Those fights can easily go south at levels 3 and 4. 1??? 1!!! F me.

I was just thinking after this run I might stop and wait for updates. Now I may have to accept this challenge. Damn you.

Edit: I do have 1 question. I notice you ran a dwarf. I have had a B of a time if I dont run Elf/HE because I get Sleep-F'ed. How do you pull that off?

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