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However, as we are playing BG3, it clashes with the predecessors, where the whole point was to experience the Bhaalspawn's story. In BG3, compared to the Origin characters the PC is just an accident; the equivalent of the possessed bakers and fishermen you see on the illithid ship. I find that annoying.

I have never played the other games, only started recently with BG1 but finding a lot of things irritating about it. I like the openness of this game much better in that there are many paths to take. I don't think we are just an accident, there will be something revealed later on that will show why we are "special". Perhaps there should be hints at this for the impatient people?

Oh yeah, I see your point, I can acknowledge how this seems alien to you. I am fine with playing Commander Shepard's story, I am also fine with the clean slate of the Courier or the Vault Dweller, that makes me create my own story. Or the Bhaalspawn where I follow a certain story, but also shape my character before and during the adventure.
BG3 wants to sort of be all three and I find that irritating. Each Origin has the main quest and a personal issue that seems just as grand. My PC, so far, has just the tadpole. Adding something similarily grand would help, I suppose, but then you are still left with three other characters of the same story importance and relevance as your character. So it is still a group effort.
As said, that is an intriguing and fresh premise. Instead of one protagonist you have four, or more correctly you have a group protagonist. However that group is not an entity. Whoever you chose is the leader and everything evolves around him with little to no input from the rest of the individuals that share the fate. Oh they have opinions, but do not act on them really, they do not debate, there are no consequences and no group interactions.

I'd much rather have regular companions that can not be PCs. Added to that I like my companions to have relatable issues and not some form of Marvel Universe superhero origin story. It really feels like I am playing each of the Avengers' origin story at once, and if I play my PC I am not Ironman in this group, but SHIELD agent No. 17