Out of the feedbacks regarding the game mechanics, companion in-depth analysis is the one I’d like to avoid the most. This is the ground where as a customer I wouldn’t like to mess.

Yes, the companions are leaning more toward being a jerk than evil (with exception of Astarion who is a jerk and evil altogether). Yet, I’d say that this start is somehow better compared to BGI-II (except Jaheira&Khalid that clearly have reasons to join your party without being self centered & selfish)
due to the facts that your bounds are not strong enough to justify a blind commitment. In their position I’d also use Tav as a tool for our greater goal (just like Edwin).

Exploration and social interaction pillars are okayish to me. Combat is poorly designed and I simply dislike the great majority of the changes because they implemented way too many DOS like “strengths” as a trump card without visualizing the long run.