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Origin characters go in the bin with multiplayer and super-ultra-hard difficulty modes as stuff I'll never touch, and in my ideal world, Larian would've invested their time/resources elsewhere. But as long as they put out $60 worth of fun content for my custom, solo, EZ mode self, I don't care much about the rest of it. If they're passionate about these things - and if they're profitable - more power to 'em.

I would much rather they made the main character backgrounds have impact in the story even just a little. The guild mechant back story could get you a slight discount very CERTIN merchants if they were also conected to the guild, maybe access to certain items not available to others. Certainly picking the Noble background should give you more dialogue options whenever you're talking to someone your character thinks should care, like maybe at the tollhouse or with the flaming fists (leaving out spoilers).
On one of my playthroughs I picked Githyanki with a noble background and Lae'zel still talked down to me constantly, just seemed kinda jarring. Seems like a wasted opportunity is all.