i probly wont choose to play as origin characters and while i dont mind the concept, i just wish that i didnt feel that my own custom character was so bland, disconnected, or unimportant in comparison from a mechanical gameplay perspective. ive posted this before, but i feel like custom pcs just arent tied or significant to the bg3 narrative - the whole story feels like it could function with my custom pc never surviving the ship crash, as all the origin characters (and apparently a number of other npcs) also need to resolve the tadpole narrative (even if its not as time sensitive as we are led to believe during the prologue/early gameplay) as well as their own personal backstory plot which the custom pc characters dont even have game mechanics for (at least from what ive seen in ea so far).

my impression of dnd was always to create my own unique character and go from there as i was never much a fan of playing using dm progenerated character sheets which is what the origin characters feel like. even more so, if feels like bg3 is much more heavily programmed/weighted to mechanically interact with the dm generated origin characters than the custom pcs, which i suppose can be understandable from a game development standpoint, but it can be frustrating as someone whom prefers to make my own character instead of using someone elses character sheet.

related, ive seen other posts in the forums requesting the ability to customize the origin characters or companions on either creation or recruitment, and while i think that leveling post lvl 1 the player should be allowed to select feats, ability increases, proficiencies, multiclass, etc for recruitable characters as they prefer, being able to fully change classes, ability scores, proficiencies, etc. for these origin characters at creation doesnt seem like a good game design and a waste of already applied resources. why would larian, after having their writers create these unique origin characters and devoting time and resources incorporating these characters to fit within the bg3 narrative, then turn around and allow players to change all their development choices? idk, as someone that doesnt see real rationale for such a game mechanic (particularly considering the other common feedback topics here that id rather be given attention) it would just frustrate me and somewhat reinforce my impression that larian's vision of bg3 doesnt really align with what i was expecting for the IP, which is fine - they are the game studio, but also makes me wonder what larian really intends to do with ea and the community feedback - ex is ea just general balance tweaking and class/mechanic implementation or will some more 'significant' topics cited in the forums like party lock and size, combat balance, camera/party controls, act/narrative progression, overall custom character experience/immersion, inventory clutter/management, dice roll tweaks/ui, improved/interactive character sheet, camp location and rest mechanics, etc also be implemented? im pulling for larian and bg3, i just hope we learn more in the next big update