I have yet to bother with romance in the game as I'm too busy testing mechanics and builds. I do know my first play through every single one of the companions wanted to hookup at the party but I refused them all because it felt unnatural and sudden (I didn't rest a lot on the first play through so I didn't learn very much of the backstories until my second run when I realized how camping works the storyline progression).

If I play a male character (typically what I play) my straight choices are shadowheart or lae'zel, and at that point I wouldn't pick the githyanki unless due to an RP standing of also being of the same race. On the other hand the male counter parts for gay male or female characters are more plentiful and varried...so I feel the straight male romances are currently limited to just shadowheart (companion specific, I didn't realize we could romance outside of our group). Based off of that I didn't want to fanboy chase the only eligible female for my character because it was forced and expected of me.