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Quite frankly, I'm not exactly intending to waste my time with you, bud.

I spoke my piece and I intend to keep doing just that to balance out this RAW extremism from time to time.

I know you are invested into it and it's your right to voice your opinion, but it's also my right to voice my opinion on the matter.

In the end of the day, I strongly believe that more deterministic, less frustrating gameplay with expanded options is simply more fun and more welcoming to larger audience this game is intended for. It is far more important than going batshit crazy trying to reproduce 5e RAW in-game despite all its RNG BS, especially being keenly aware of the fact videogame players rightfully do not appreciate excessive RNG and excessive wasted turns in their games.

Thankfully, Larian has experience with that both with their own games AND with games like Xcom with its well known 95% memes. I am glad they listen to their internal common sense and choose to homebrew changes that lead to less frustrating gameplay, while offering more invested players an out with full and easy to implement addon support. Why I'm glad it's their stance exactly voiced in few last interviews and their loaded dice musings to counter excessively shit RNG and alternative more deterministic dialog paths are even better news for me.

And btw, I do think that yeeting a barrel into a clump of trash and blowing them up is hilarious too and should be a thing. Hope I did not burst your vein there with my filthy casual "fun".

You can just admit you were wrong, it is a lot easier that way for both of us and then hopefully we can move forward with more productive conversations.

I do want to highlight something for your own edification. Several times now you have stated your belief that DOS style combat is, and I quote "more deterministic". Now, I want to make a few points here.

One, I absolutely agree with that statement. Two, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wujVMIYzYXg

Saying combat is "more deterministic" means, literally, that combat is pre-determined by conditions that existed prior to it taking place. Which is absolutely correct in the current build of the game, because *YOUR* actions and free will mean almost nothing next to the 'Lazy Larian' (tm) homebrewed rules that overwhelm everything else in the game. No amount of effort will overcome the topics discussed here and barrelmancy, they pre-determine everything else in combat.

Next, and this is where some citations are needed, you make the *bold* claim that videogame players do not like excessive RNG. First, again, sources needed. Second, do you know what game you are playing? It's Baldur's Gate 3, the third game in a trilogy. It is pretty clear you didn't play those games extensively since they contained all but exactly the same amount of RNG as exists in BG 3 (1d20 variance for attack rolls) and yet.....somehow.....someway....here we are 20+ *years* later and the popularity of those games is the *only* reason this game is even being made in the first place. So there's my evidence that the RNG of D&D is not disliked by videogame players (this game only exists because the first two games were and remain so popular decades later), what's your evidence?

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