I could not care less about Balsin if i tried. He is a non entity as far as am concerned. Im gonna push him into some deep hole the first chance i get.

Kagha changing her mind so easily is just another symptom of horrible writing of that whole section. Because the writers dont want to really condemn the "druids" or Kagha, but instead sort of sit on two chair at once, which is why you cant talk to anyone about any of the immediately obvious logically following additions, extensions and any sort of underlying reasons or motivations. Or anything.

Today while playing a new game i got into the grove inner sanctum from the caves with goblins. Went into the library, opened the section where the drow corpse is, looted most of Netties room. Then i chugged the invisibility potion, thinking to pickpocket that missing tile to open the basement, but as soon as i stepped into the room where Kagha was holding the trial - sneaking and invisible - the game took me out of invisibility and just pushed me into the trial.

Fuck that kind of game design.