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There are only 2 of them who want bang us outright after battle..

You only had two. I had an exclamation mark on Astarion who basically just said DTF and after negotiating my way out of that conversation I decided to see what anyone else wanted to talk about. I got nothing out of the assorted Teiflings, but Shadowheart invited me into the bushes for a drink, Gale let me know he was down for some light hearted buggery if I would change my mind on Shadowheart or even after I was done with her. Lez threatened to shank me for not shagging her instead if I remember correctly, while Wyl threatened to show me why he was really called the Blade of the Frontier. I half expected to find Astarion and Gale slipping me roofies and chest bumping each other over my comatose body while Wyll advised me to just "let it happen."

I am a little shocked the dog and the owl bear didn't invite me to join them in a tasteful threesome.

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