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With respect, you are rong.
Lae'zel is a tank. Until HP bloat / AC reduction is corrected she, and not Gale, is the biggest threat.

Who are we going to use for that dexterity check? Shadowheart? I guess I could give up my stat boost or class specific feat to make myself a second class thief. But I don't really want a swiss army knife? Even with flexibility of 5th ed it makes sense to have a finesse character.

You missed the bit about more banters and the fact that this is putatively the continuation of 6 party game and not a mod on top a 4 party game.

Same with healing -- feats are precious. Why waste them on making a so so healer?

But that was what my comment was about. You don't need to pass DEX checks. If you fail the DEX/STR check in the intro scene with the intellect devourer, you don't get an additional companion, but you don't need it. If you fail a Charisma check at the crypt you have to fight your way in instead of getting the upper hand with the rest of the guys inside. But either way the story progresses, and there is no wrong answer. It does change the game through, which is fun and interesting (at least to me). My drow rogue was able to talk her way through everything, but my dwarf ranger was not, and he ended up fighting a lot more.

There is no "waste". If you don't have a healer then maybe you have 2 mages who can do A LOT of AOE damage, and so you shift your strategy that way, or maybe you have 2 rogues who will murder someone before the fight starts. My point is that you don't a rogue or a dex character at all.

Also, I want to reiterate that I'm not against the 6 person party. I really don't care. I just hate when people say that you "need" a certain class when you really really don't. You don't in D&D 5e and you don't in this game.

Edit: Forget to add this. Just because some one has a high AC and health doesn't make them a "tank." It doesn't matter how many hits you can take it no one is hitting you, right? And you may be right in this game. The way they code the mobs may make them attack whoever's in front in them, but in D&D that's not the case. Most intelligent mobs recognize spellcasters as a higher threat than someone with a sword and shield and take them out first. Likewise if they recognize someone is capable of healing. If Larian codes the monsters to be dumb like in MMOs where they attack the "tank" then you're right. I'm making my opinions on the assumption that since they're basing this game off of 5e that they'll also make mobs work in a similar fashion.

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