This could be because we don't have all companions yet:
"We put in the evil and neutral NPC companions first, so there was a bit of backlash from people complaining that all the characters were so haughty and snarky, but it was really just those characters acting as their natural selves. I didn’t realise it would be such a thing, but in reality we just hadn’t put the good characters in yet. There’s a much wider variety" (see full link to articles here

I miss companions who keeps hoping no matter what happens, like Imoen. My BG2 companions always get along well and it's a pleasure travelling with them: Nalia, Aerie, Mazzy, Neera.
The ones we got here have far bigger problems than the tadpole. Gale is the only with humor, but you must pick the answers very well to find that humor (let him give the long version and then pick part funny, part smart answers). It's not much, but it's there.

The bard we can save from Goblin camp also tries to be funny, not sure if it is. Feels awkward. Or maybe I don't get it. Thought he was scared by goblins and lost his wits. But who knows, maybe he will do some better jokes later.