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Please god no. The DOS games had way too much silly nonsense, and even the BG games did. I don't want "comedy fantasy", I want serious fantasy. That doesn't mean that funny things can't happen or that characters can't crack jokes, but there's a difference between naturalistic humor and over-the-top zany absurd shit just for the sake of "the luls".

Incidentally, I think that DOS 1 in particular was at its worst when it attempted to be serious and at its best when it introduced the "silly" content like talking animals, the Wishing Well Brothers, etc.
I doubt anyone ever actually gave a fuck about Braccus Rex, for instance.

Still, I don't disagree with the sentiment. I'd like humor and witty writing to be side notes more than the central piece of a deliberate "fantasy parody".
For instance I appreciated the dark humor of Auntie Ethel who insisted in talking as an overzealous granny even after her cover identity was blown entirely.

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