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It does seem a bit serious business (I mean other than the random banter from the goblins). I just assumed D&D is like that.

D&D is silly and a few sessions ago people were crying with laughter from how ridiculous what just happened was. Its usually an unmitigated disaster that somehow stumbling from f-up to f-up like a drunken sailor somehow turns into making it through something you had no reason to. There are moments its serious and people need to get their game faces on but its usually a DM face palming. A picture I made a while ago after a session (not my face)

The DM

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What is the problem you are solving? Does your proposed change solve the problem? Is your change feasible? What else will be affected by your change? Will your change impact revenue? Does your change align with the goals and strategies of the organizations (Larian, WotC)?