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If you have high AC in this game, enemies tend to be like "Nope" when it comes to targeting you.

It could be an interesting discussion, what is the definition of "cheese"? Or more likely, what is each person's definition of it. I think nearly everyone agrees that barrelmancy is cheese, or exploiting bad AI with repeated Hiding is cheese, but where do people draw the line? What is, and isn't, cheese in Baldur's Gate 3?

That would be an interesting topic or even a survey. Alice and I are similar from what I see yet we still differ on a few things. And I don't think some people think things like barrelmancy is cheese. It's clearly an intended game mechanic where as I do agree the AI can be exploited with stealth which is not an intended game mechanic.

And I have said it before, but I'll add it here. While I call it cheese and that may sound derogatory, it is only meant to be things I disagree with. It is not meant to insult anyone who doesn't play as I do. You paid your $$...play it however you enjoy it with no ill will from me. How you choose to play your game has ZERO impact on my game, so why would I care?