I like that the game has humor amidst the serious themes but doesn't go too far with it, imo. I love Volo and find his arrogance very entertaining, the goblins at the goblin camp provided some humor here and there, Astarion has a lot of funny dialogue (though some might find it tasteless, I guess) and Gale's protocol/some of his dialogue made me laugh as well. Apart from that there is the wholesome tiefling couple at the Grove, Lump the enlightened, the gnome at the windmill...I feel like there are plenty of characters with charm and humor. They're not necessarily making jokes, but they have humorous interactions/personalities. Then again, humor is highly subjective, but personally I really enjoy it so far.

EDIT: Don't know how I forgot to mention my favorite character in the EA so far, Auntie Ethel

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