^^ as another idea, if you went wood half-elf you could start with 16str, 16 dex 14 con, then take two weapon wielder at level 4 for + 1 AC. Then you have 10.5m speed base (Max of 31.5 with double dash and still able to make 1 offhand attack) and Darkvision; you also have sleep immunity. That's comes out at 17AC with studded leather + 1 and dex, and if shadowheart keeps up shield of faith on you that's 19AC - Dual wield Flind's and burning axe. Sneak attack away. If you want to be really cheesey chug a potion of fire resistance, equip the amulet of elemental torment, jump into the middle of a group of enemies and crack an alchemists fire over your own head before you start swinging.

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