Well, that quite a few posts in a couple of days! Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, it is the tactical difficulty that is lacking and, as we all know, the fix is not to purely to increase HP across the board for the opposition. While I didn't mention that I played DOS2 in this thread, interestingly, someone searched that out. Anyhow, I did and DOS2 was great! What I recall the most about DOS2, besides the sneaking around in the bush costume, is sitting there strategizing like if I do this, then I can do that, and so forth. Sure, I do it with BG3 too but not nearly as much or by using as much of my arsenal. Hardly anything is used as I mentioned in my original post.

The game is a work-in-progress and I do expect it to become more of a tactical challenge. I hope to get to a point where, when I am away from the game, I am problem solving or planning attacks in my head and then, having one of those aha moments.

I did fail to mention that I consistently make use of high-ground when possible and sometimes use sneak. Maybe without those, I’d be required to use spells as some of you alluded to.

As one person mentioned, I’m not sure why monsters keep attacking a downed player. Seems like a highly intelligent monster may do this based on the situation. An average monster would not sacrifice a turn pummeling a downed player and a low intelligence one would keep beating a dead horse.

Most responses indicate that the game is too easy. From the standpoint of not needing to use much of the great spells, scrolls, potions, etcetera, I agree. Maybe “simple” is a more appropriate word. I need to be forced away from – Dash, high-ground, cantrip, eat an apple, repeat.

Hopefully once BG3 is released, one would be required to contemplate situations a little more which would lead to having to be more creative with the resources in the game. Other than that, it is looking pretty good so far.