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The game is easy because combats are just a big exploit.

- Allow ennemies to jump behind us to backstab our characters at each turn and it won't be that easy anymore.
- Let them all avoid AOO as we can
- Let them jump to move further and do an attack they couldn't if they were just moving.
- Improve the AI so it don't use nearly useless spells like bane
(I mean... Not useless but way less effective they should be because their opponent have easy advantage at each turns)
- Let every ennemies dip their weapons in fire at each turns...
- Give them WTF items such a few of those we can find (i.e that give poison damages to the ally you just heal...)
- ...

It would looks even less serious if the AI could do such things (as we can)... But at least it would be less easy and more balanced...

Maybe they should find something else to balance the game... Don't know, something like avoiding to create cheesy mechanics and trusting / improving D&D instead of doing something totally different ?

I would love it if the enemies could use all the same tricks as us! At least on higher difficulty, if nothing else.