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But as far as the video team is concerned, after the design artists and animation artists have ensured that characters don't do weird contortions in cutscenes, that they actually face each other, that the camera doesn't show me the scene from behind somebody' back, that the objects people handle (guitar, bottles of wine) are actually displayed and somewhat credibly handled, etc, if they can work on more clothing (and swords on hip, etc), why not.

I certainly agree that the things you listed should be the priority, but I wonder if it's also done by the same people as models? I wanted to include more or less what you wrote here in my previous post but I figured there might actually be a division between artists (who make models) and animators (who work on the stuff you listed). Maybe 3D model artists don't actually work with cutscenes etc. Though from what I understand, they're constantly iterating on visual fidelity, I imagine the artists aren't just sitting there pretty with loads of time on their hands. (And hey, more armor won't model itself. And someone should take a look at poor Scratch...)

(That more as an aside/ponderings, I'm not nitpicking on what you wrote.)