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I liked it, when I clicked on the path in the swamp region and Astarion decided to run around a hill through water (which hurt him) and set of every trap in the way, in order to get to the point he wanted to stand in. Aside of the fact that visually it seemed he could easily just get there the intended way.

Reminds me of BG 1/2, where sometimes characters raced off through the entire dungeon, to get to their position, just because!

At least in this BG 3 is very close to BG 1 and 2.
op can correct me if im wrong, but i wanna say this thread is about party control (ie chain v unchaining, multiple npc 'jumps', etc) of members not necessarily the ai path navigation - in this regard larians bg game is very much different from bg1/2 (more like dos1/2 imo - which admittedly im not a fan of, lol), but i do also think that the pathing could use some tweaking too...so add it to the list of feedback that larian allegedly will 'consider'