I would like to say how I see the ideal path of "lawful evil" (moderate evil) and "chaotic evil" (absolute evil)

In a chaotic evil way, we will have to betray Minthara for the sake of the Absolute or Lolth who wants to punish her for her betrayal, lead the army, and do many disgusting deeds, both motivated and not very motivated, and in the end it is possible to turn into a Mind Flayer or gain too much power. I don't know who will play it, this way does not tempt me.

In the "lawful evil" path, I want to open Minthara's eyes to tadpoles and deception, to oppose the Absolute or play your own game together, to protect her from the clerics of Lolth, and gain her trust and true friendship. But this must be an evil role-playing. As a team and reliable allies, we will act using any method, including the possible killing of tieflings and anyone else, putting personal gain first of all, without being someone's puppets. It would be really fun and interesting. This is what will give me the pleasure of role-playing.

This is the path that will allow you to combine honor and friendship, evil roleplay and personal gain. I would like this roleplay, and I really hope that Larian will make it possible.
I do not want the evil way as only "absolute evil", the moral choice and the boundaries of good and evil in some moments should be more difficult.