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Mechanically is not even a matter of "everyone gets the same amount".
It's literally "Your MC is the only one getting EXP and everyone else is automatically levelled up to his amount.

On one hand I'm fine with companions autoscaling exp, but on the other hand I'm not sure how to feel about the fact that no matter if you play solo or full party, the amount of XP per-person stays the same.

I was wondering about that, on my first playthrough I leveled up with Lae'Zel on the first imp fight. I was playing a Cleric. I chose Ranger for my second playthrough but the first character that leveled up was Gale when he joined me and the Main only leveled up when we rescued Lae'Zel from the cage. Do different classes need more or less XP? I pretty much did the same stuff as my first run, though I didn't kill one or two imps in the control room so perhaps that was way, though, don't know how that gives Gale an extra level.