A couple quick points:

Since my original post I discovered you can double-click on a character portrait at the bottom left corner and it will bring the camera back to that character. Yea!!!

Regarding Great Weapon Master - the 5E Feat is that you take a -5 penalty (equivalent to Disadvantage) to hit, but if you hit, you get +10 to the damage, which is, on average, like adding 1d20 to the damage role, huge. The idea is you use magic weapons and buff's to help offset the penalty to hit, and still get the damage boost. I've seen analysis that this is a statistically worth-while tradeoff if the enemy's armor class is less than 18 (maybe equal to or less than 18.) Above that it's not worth it. In 5E you decide before rolling your attack if you want to take the penalty and bonus, or make a straight up roll. If you don't like this, blame WOTC, not Larian. If they wanted to make this a straight up bonus, it should probably be like +2 to hit with great weapons, like the archery feat.

In BG3, as it is, if your 'to hit' percentage is really low, you have to switch to a non-two handed weapon to avoid the -5 to hit. There should be a choice when attacking.

I'm playing through now as a Life domain Cleric, and I'm more convinced than ever that the abundance of scrolls, and the long/short rest system on BG3 has really broken the balance of the game. Martial classes are only balanced with casters when casters have to ration their magic and can't blast away then take a long rest and recover their slots. As it is now, a party of wizards taking long rests after each battle are pretty unstoppable; just use scrolls and food to heal. Warlocks are nerfed too; they are balanced by having far fewer spell slots and getting them back on short rests; but with no penalty for long rests, they are just under-powered. If this isn't changed, Wizards will be crazy strong as levels increase beyond 4th.