I started having difficulties in DOS until I read on the internet that Larian studios divided the regions by levels. After that all made sense - even though the map is open to exploring and players have freedom to do whatever we want, there was a certain path that was fine tuned to be followed in order to keep the game balanced,
and avoid too many deaths.

Sometimes when I tried something different in DOS and DOS 2, I ended up getting the message that "maybe your party is not powerful enough for this region".
Other times I spent a lot of time on very tough combats, only then to realize maybe that was actually designed to be tackled later on.

I am fine with that - I consider games an evolution of movies in terms of storytelling...so if nowadays´ games still have main paths, that´s because we are still on an era of developing AI algorithms...I do not blame any studio for inducing a straight, more linear path...

But..if people are saying that BG3 is easy no matter which path you take...and combat mechanics do not demand good tactic or much thinking...then maybe
Larian can make some adjustments later on...definitely! what is the fun of just doing the same thing and winning all combats without much planning !?