Those issues should be decided based on such generalizations but on actual behavior of each group as we experience it. Goblins are not enemies because they are "a bad race" they are enemies because they are attacking and trying to kill everyone except True Souls. Refugees cannot be considered a single mind hive group, because they consist of many different personalities - who use to be ordinary people in Elturel. They are not enemies simply because they are not attacking anyone.
And they cannot be held responsible for attacks by a completely different third fing party.

They can be held responsible as a sort of obvious stupid mistake - made by stupid idiots who dont even want to consider any other reason because they are apparently braindead, but not in a way where the player is prevented of even mentioning it, asking why would anyone think that, or pointing out to the Druids that hey... you are getting attacked with or without refugees around.

The problem is not that the Druids "hate the refugees" - the problem is that they are blaming them for the attacks from a completely separate force - based on nothing! Which is beyond idiotic. If the situation was normal then maybe the Druids could say, "Ach, those are all hellspawn! We dont want them in our grove! Get out you devils!" like any other normal xenophobe and person frightened of "devils" would. But thats not the situation.

The "devils" angle is barely mentioned at all, even if it doesnt make any sense in this specific situation - why - because the third force attacking all of them has nothing to do with it!
And the refugees dont want to stay in the Grove at all. They want to get out of there. But cant because they will all be killed - by the third force. A force that will not leave druids alone after they are done with the refugees. The force that is attacking and killing everyone in the area.

Ive said this already at least five times...