From my point of view, they miss the point about humor.

In BG1 and 2, there was humor but it was pretty well incorporate in the game. Some characters was funny but there was without trying to be. They was just themselfs.

In BG3, I think the companion are not the worst. Astarion is, from my point of view, a little too much of a cliché but that's not what's annoyed me.
What's annoyed me is the humor they put in the environment. The broken guitar, the sentences of goblins in fights. It's all of this details which participate to break the immersion and give this bad DoS feeling.

Yeah, BG1 and 2 had talking sword. But this sword was so serious and had such a background ! :'(
I would be scared to find a sword in BG3. I would be scared it would be a parody of talking sword.

Again, they are missing their shot.