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I just wish Larian limited some item equips and character abilities to specific classes. I kinda dislike that every single class can pick locks and effectively pickpocket.

If anything, it is stupid that the game can be played with a single character efficiently.

I haven't messed around with pickpocketing much. Is it really that easy to pull off without having a good DEX/proficiency?

Depends a lot on what you are trying to pickpocket, of course.
Certain items are harder to pickpocket, but other items or object (such as gold) can be made easier to pickpocket by splitting it into a smaller amount in the victim's pocket, you will not be roll die to do this.
So a bunch of gold, let us say 1500 pieces, can have a DC of 15 to pickpocket. By splitting that bunch in two, you can lower the DC to 8 for each pile, and you can further split that bunch to lower the DC even more.

Pickpocketing DC seems to be largely based on value of the item.