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Jan is objectively the best character out there! But what's great is that he's not JUST a joke character; his companion quest is quite serious, and at times his stories end up having a non-comedic point to them - like one conversation with Mazzy is actually heartwarming. He's funny - but it's also shown that there's depth to his character.

Agreed completely. It's science. Can't be argued with.

You are absolutely right, his quest gives him depth. Finally the joker's mask slips and you see the pain behind the constant stream of humor. Where Keldorn was a serious as a heart attack that could be only be turned into an object of fun by Jan, Jan is the person who even cracks a joke while dying that become a serious as Keldorn when the love of his life under threat.

I wonder if he is still alive? I mean he was a god of death for a brief period of time, perhaps that did something to lengthen his lifespan.