I'd LOVE to be able to pick or set some casual camp-wear!

I don't know about the rest of you, but several of my adventuring characters are quite adamant about finding time to wash and keep themselves clean day to day. Where possible, those characters try to find camp sites that are at least close to a water source if possible, for that and other personal reasons... so being constantly grimy and smelly and dirty is NOT a requirement of being an adventurer... (Some of my characters care far less of course... the more mercenary types...)

I'd really like to have a 'dressed down' appearance for our character and for companions that we could pick and design from what's available, or from a preset list.

Others make a good point, though, that for the most part, light armour wearers don't need to worry about this as much. Heavy armour wearers definitely shouldn't' be sleeping in their plate every night, though. Part of the danger of camping is that you're more vulnerable and, especially for those that rely on heavy armour, are not at your best if you're surprised in the night.