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Where is the humor??? lol
Have you been watching these <animated> cinematic dialogues?? Monty python levels of humor there.

The head movements/ body movement while listening.
Long pauses between lines
Starting dialogues behind objects.
Dipping your weapon then starting a dialogue.
Unresponsive lifeless companions in the background while in conversations.

...Nothing of what you are listing is about humor, though?
These are visual glitches and rough edges in the current state of the presentation/production value.

Because of this I wonder if they are limited in what they can do when it comes to theatrics? A lot of the humor is conveyed through voice acting theatrics. It was up to your imagination how that character is presented in from of you based on the dialogue. Now they are presenting those characters in front of you so doing something that is accurately animated that matches those quirky characteristics is probably a challenge. A lot of the stuff in the game is achieved through motion capture, so to capture all the various funny gestures and whatever else is probably not feasible, and therefore they have to tone down (dumb down) a lot of the light-hearted goofyness (that obvious a few in this thread don't miss and that's fine) that existed in other games.

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