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Where is the humor??? lol
Have you been watching these <animated> cinematic dialogues?? Monty python levels of humor there.

The head movements/ body movement while listening.
Long pauses between lines
Starting dialogues behind objects.
Dipping your weapon then starting a dialogue.
Unresponsive lifeless companions in the background while in conversations.

Larian is going to be busy. NOT changing any of the discussed gameplay feedback, but mostly with the cinematics/bugs until release...

Annnnd, there it is. It's not even a thread until Planescapist shows up to complain about cinematic dialogues. 110 posts on this forum, and all 110 of them are about how cinematic dialogues represent the fall of humanity.

You could make a thread asking, "What's everyone's favorite flavor of ice cream?" This cat would show up and be like, "All my ice cream melted while I was watching some shitty cinematic dialogue!"