The backgrounds are not enticing. Have options for the different professions, such as Baldur’s Gate army scout or Red Wizard diplomat, with a separate option for just a plain soldier. You could even implement orders & factions here to further personalize the character! Each option should give a minor bonus. I have run into spots where my background came into play, but it wasn’t initially apparent on selection. Perhaps telling the player that it will have an impact on their character’s action choices would be a good idea.

Random name generators would be cool for those not too lazy to click a button (I understand Tav as a character name is a running joke!

Humans: Humans need lots of love. Right now, they are extremely boring. Allow the variant option from the Player’s Handbook (+1 skill, two stat bumps, & 1 Feat). Note that the ethnic variants within humans are already done for you in the Player’s Handbook.

Half-Elves: Allow half-elves to choose between skills (2) OR racial powers. I am not sure why this was taken away, but it is an exceptionally good option for characters in a small party so that the bases can be covered.

Appearance: Make-up should have lip/cheek option. Body types & sizes.

Ability Scores: Major problem here! The point-generation system is great (although it was skewed with the introduction of Lump’s Headband) and all, but some people like to play super-heroes or roll their scores. I suggest you allow rolling, but scale monster difficulty with total ability points above (or below) certain thresholds to keep it challenging.


Half-orcs & Dragonborn & Gnomes, oh my!