I'm a bit confused about how many replies keep dismissing the "cinematic close-ups" in dialogues as absolute garbage, when if anything so far I've been mostly impressed by their variety and quality even on throw-away characters.

For instance, I was in awe when I met he random tiefling frantically moving her arms around when she told me "I can talk or I can pack, and right now I'm packing!" or the kid shyly swinging on one leg while telling me "I'm watching you" and pointing his fingers to his own eyes. Or the goblin that when I passed a persuasion check shifted his gaze on the low corner of the screen and mumbled as if he was actually thinking about what I said. Or Kagha and the way her body language suggested that she was visibly upset after the incident that killed the tiefling child, etc, etc.

I could go on for a while, it's a very long list.
Of course there's a lot of junk that needs to be refined, but to claim that in its current state the system is particularly lousy, when it can arguably set the golden standard in this genre? I don't get it.

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