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I like your cleric run, it's hard soloing without abusing the stealth mechanic.
Did you consider Teahouse' well drinking to add to survivability?

Also, your character being a true fanatic of Vlaakith, do you think she is aware she is actually cheesing it by using Yeenoghu's-imbued weapon? Or you are roleplaying it is as a measure of self-deception, saying to herself it's Frodo/The Ring style?

I think it could have been done with longsword + 1 with oil of sharpness (gives + 3 damage and + 3 to hit for 100(?) rounds?) which gives cleave as a pretty fun opener. at + 7. No heal on hit though which is a lifesaver even with 15HP. So there would be a lot more potion drinking, which means needing better positioning.

You don't actually need the absolute's warboard since you could just use a scroll if an extra armor of faith was needed. Gloves of Power... probably possible without if you work more to have bless up from heal.

My big mistake in this run was not taking the enemies down in the right order which I now know would be Pooldripp, Hunters & Booal, Fishfodder. I got Pooldripp first but forgot about the hunters, and they will always go for height advantage making your 21AC not so hot any more. With the correct order you might not need to rely on survival instinct to bring me back to life.

So you could try and eliminate flayerpower, absolute gear and the club for a purity priestess version.

I mean I can keep refining it until I eliminate more and more ease of use stuff, but I'm pretty happy with this since i tend to come back to the absurdity of a level 1 character wandering around the underdark walking into a pit filled with fanatical fishpeople surrounded by archers in the first place? Then telling them she is going to fuck them up...? that ain't smart.

Edit: and the teahouse well. Yeah, that would work.

By the way, when I'm soloing, I'm using my companions which stay in the camp, to provide me with two buffs requiring a Concentration: Shield of Faith and Protection from Evil/Good (and Longstrider to save your own spell slots, if you are leveling them to 4th). Yes, that's cheesing, but it frees up your own concentration, which is huge.

Concerning the absurdity - don't worry, miss M. Sue, you are perfectly fine:P