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By the way, when I'm soloing, I'm using my companions which stay in the camp, to provide me with two buffs requiring a Concentration: Shield of Faith and Protection from Evil/Good (and Longstrider to save your own spell slots, if you are leveling them to 4th). Yes, that's cheesing, but it frees up your own concentration, which is huge.

lol yeah I think that would trivialize it, since then you could just have another party member concentrate blur on you as well. With 21AC and warding flare you can already go through a round of 12 attacks and none of them hitting you - with blur as well it would be pretty funny + Cast blade ward every other round and stand middle of a fight indefinably. Aid to increase hp to 15 so you that even if damage gets through you don't get 1 shorted.

Blur won't work - just 10 rounds of fighting, so only as a pre-cast to the fight.