I agree with a lot of the suggestions on here, many of which I think are already in the works. Examples: More classes, races, char creation options.

Things I am not sure about that I would love to see.....
1. Ability to adjust companions ability scores upon joining. For example, Shadowheart currently has a 9 dex, making her almost useless as a ranged char. If I could switch around her stats, this would make for more replay-ability. Perhaps even change their appearance.

2. As many have mentioned, a five or six member party, allowing more banter and interactions.

3. A custom party option. So I can create my own adventuring group, even without the companions quests and romances and stuff.

4. Fewer clickable barrels, shelves, etc. I spend way too much time checking empty stuff. For that matter, less useless items like forks and plates. If its a useful item or crafting component, fine.

5 Dual classing or multi classing. Especially if a higher level cap is in the works.

6. Ranged weapons having actual ranges. Longbows and heavy crossbows should go farther than shortbows and light crossbows.

7. Starting equipment choices. Let my dwarf fighter start with a warhammer or warlock with a rapier or rogue with a hand crossbow if I choose.