It's ok Tuco, you can disagree and you can do it without any explanations. ^^

About cinematics it's kind of complicated.

Good point :
everything you point out.

Bad point :
1) sometimes it's not dat good and there are some generic moves which are recurrent which is a bad thing for the immersion. It's the eternal fight imagination versus representation.
Does the pleasure you get from the representation superior to the pleasure you would have imagining the moment ?
Does the representation serve or deserve the immersion and imagination ?
Sometimes it's a win-win, sometimes it may be not ?

2) The cinematics for some NPC (like some merchants or useless dudes) looks like a waste of ressources Larian could have put in more content, etc since it didn't really give a big added value to the game.

From my point of view, even though I am able to enjoy some cinematics, with a step back, I think it's more of a gadget thing, like spangles to amazed the gamers with a "o-my-gad-what-an-amazing-technology-thing-it-s-so-futurist".

So, it looks like a waste of ressources regarding the improvement the game could use.