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Genuinely curious since I see a lot of people complain about it. I don't hate the concept but I never see myself playing the origins and I kind of wish they would redirect resources to making the PC more interesting.

On the one hand, I feel that all I have heard so far is only some general gist. Basically, you will have special scenes giving you a bit more insight into the character's backstory and personal quest. Though you should learn most of what there is to know about a character if you travel with them as a companion in your party, I would hope.
On the other hand, I'm in the camp of people who have custom characters in mind already, each with their backstory, personality, etc. I have played the old Infinity Engine games, and even some TT RPG back in the days. So whenever I can create my own characters, I do.
I doubt I'll ever play as an Origin character.

But many video game RPGs, from Final Fantasy to Zelda to The Witcher, have you play as pre-set character X or Y or Z. I can see many players going for that.

Larian seems to aim to cater to both audiences. In a sense, why not. So long as they don't overspend resources into a feature that half the players will use, when they could spend more time working on things all the players will use (the UI, the writing, etc).

Hoping we'll be able to create great assumptions-free Custom Characters and be given great roleplay options.