You do raise some good points, but I felt Sebille in act 1 was the same, evil, unforgivable etc.
[/spoiler] the lady almost killed my dumb jester, holding a her at knife point, a lot like Astarions encounter again (which was fun) [spoiler]

I feel like there is a smidge if good in lil ol elfy boi, without too many spoilers

[/spoiler]during the party he seemed quite content with playing hero. And again like Sebille I feel will probably have some sort of redemption arc or if not a more in depth look at his character, I have a feeling we will have to deal with his oh so spooky boss vampire boy. [spoiler]

I feel we still dont have a lot of insight to go on in the companions in act 1 anyway since they're all feeling the doom and gloom of mr baby frog.