Fun fact, how you approach data analysis totally depends on people.

I've read quickly through the posts about " satisfaction surveys " etc and you guys try to use them to pinpoint if the " general vibe" of this forum is representative of the majority which is supposed to be represented by Steam. It's a very good question and although quite hard to answer( due to the issue with the survey itself) I lived in a word where you actually ignore the majority when analyzing data. You need them to make sure everything works " in general" but when it comes to improving systems average joe isn't loud enough.

If 10 000 people receive a product ( BG3 ^^) most of them should rate it 6 or 8/10. If that happens, the product is good enought.
Then you take every review below 6 and above 8 and the opinion of those guys should actually matter.

The idea being those who rate he product 9 and 10 will talk about it and promote it.
Those who rate it negatively(5 and less) will harm the product's popularity.
And those who say " it's good enough, could be better?" . Well.... those guys won't change anyone's mind.

It's a simplified description of a way more complicated mindset when it comes to approaching data. But if you look at your discussion above from this perspective you can assume that the majority liked it based on steam + the sells. And now you're talking with the 8+ and 5-. The 6/8 will post once and disappear.

Just my 2 cents.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.