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You're trying to do Larian's job for some reason. Just focus on discussing features as you see fit for yourself. That's what others do.

Lol, really?

Asking people to be objective or to think about the problem that's causing them so much discomfort is suddenly Larian's job. You're ridiculous.

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If you try to analyze a feature based on the audience as a user then I really don't see what you're trying to achieve.

Then you don't really deserve to work in any field remotely touching a product in any way shape or form right?

You do realize that Larian also plays their own game right? And that other devs play other games right and often go through the same process of thinking?

You know devs that aren't related to video games, such as myself, use a product (like a certain HR/Payroll app) while also having to analyze it from an audience perspective right (hint: it's part of your fucking job)?

So, when you read what I wrote, nowhere did you think that after having achieved what I have asked that there is any gain? No new refinements in arguments, no perspectives, no new questions can be gained?

Like you don't think after applying any argument to these rigors they'll come out stronger or at least have a path to be stronger or have more clarity?

So, you simply prefer people to say "5e is perfectly balanced, we should use this" with no context? Amazing.

You could use some chill. I'm taking personal comments as misplaced.

"So, you simply prefer people to say "5e is perfectly balanced, we should use this" with no context? Amazing. "

1)I prefer them to say how they defined themselves as a player, what they want, and why. Three things. No in-game data will give you this explicitely. You can get a profile, what feature they use and you have to figure out why.

2)At no point a user explaining to me he wants a feature but don't think it makes sense because others won't like it because [insert reason] based on his personal experience is to be dissmised[Aka Dev /DM experience]. But the 2nd part of his opinion isn't exactly the center of the discussion. What matters it's he's a DM + Software Dev + Plays X hours a day paired with #1 above.

Your entire paragraph though was aimed at re-centering the entire discussion about the 2nd point. And even more, delving into the details of it(That's how it felt when I was reading it). You're effectively harming yourself in the process in my opinion.

Small disclaimer:
I was talking about something a bit different in my posts on this page, I was referring more to PR in the context of those articles and the forum. Less than the actual impact of the forum on decision making.

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