Going to copy/paste a reply I made to a different thread since I believe it highlights just how severely the current control scheme can get out of hand.

Originally Posted by Bukke
Outside the goblin camp there's a passage full of hidden mines and explosives. In the middle of the passage there's a very small chasm that you need to jump across.
If you somehow manage to avoid all the explosives leading up to the chasm and jump across it with one character (since you can't jump with everyone at once) the remaining three characters will immediately try to walk the entire way around the chasm, triggering explosive mines and possible running into goblin guards (the ones you likely were trying to avoid in the first place if you went this route)

If you want to cross the chasm unharmed you need to unchain all four characters, select them one by one, jump across the chasm, move the characters out of the way to make room for the others (but without stepping on the explosive mines), select all the remaining characters and jump across, then continue to move through the passage without triggering the explosives on the other side as well. If you fail this at any point you'll trigger a mine which deals enough damage to take 1/2 of a character's health on top of leaving a puddle of fire on the ground.

This is extremely bad design if you ask me.